If you’re here, you already know what the power of video can do for your real estate property. There are a lot of companies offering to do video production for you. So why choose us? One word: Quality.

First and foremost we are filmmakers. Our background is in storytelling. Having collaborated on projects for Discovery, Travel Channel, HGTV, DIY and others, we use those very same story telling skills when telling the story of your property.

What does this mean? It means our unique video production skill sets transitions into videos that increase traffic for your real estate listing and catch the attention of potential buyers, renters and investors. With breath taking aerial shots that perfectly integrate with our free floating interior shots, we add a professional voiceover, graphics and cutting edge music. All of this creates a one of a kind production you won’t find anywhere else.

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(above) A cinematic real estate film of Chicago Cubs Ryne Sandbergs Home

Types of Commercial and Residential Real Etsate Videos:


Extraordinary homes deserve beautiful, compelling, artistic HD video to reflect them. As realtors and video marketing professionals, we know that there is far more to portray in effective real estate video than static images that don’t move and therefore don’t engage the sophisticated consumer. Our property showcase videos captures your property in a visually compelling way which converts viewers into buyers.

– Showcases property in a captivating way
– Minimizes discounts of home
– Eliminates non serious buyers
– Attracts global buyers
– Minimizes expenses of showing home
– Speeds up escrow process
– Send video to your business network


A great brand identity marketing video educates your potential clients about who you are, your proven track record, and why they should choose to do business with you over the competition.

– Establishes your brand image
– Personalizes your core message
– Puts a face to your brand
– Sets you apart from competitors
– Prospects 10x more likely to do business
– Exposes your business to the world


Bring your agent website to life with your own video. Studies show that adding a personal video to your website can increase the chances of a potential client choosing you as their agent.

– Attract more clients to agent
– Puts a face to the name
– Gain more individual listings
– Tell why they should choose you
– Increase your sales conversions
– Exposes you to a global audience

Types of Commercial Videos:

Brand Videos

CEO Profiles

Employee Profiles

Marketing Videos

Pitch and Kickstarter Videos

Explainer Videos

YouTube Videos

Indiegogo Videos

Live Streaming

Case Study Videos

Recruitment Videos

Staff Training

Samples Of Our Work

Investment Real Estate Video

Real Estate Videos are more impactful than print campaigns according to many studies. Video’s second punch is that it is much better at retention of  the message than written text. This means internal and external communications would be more effective in video format. Externally, real estate video is a virtual handshake that brings you face to face with your customer. Internally, a monthly video blog, video reports from key departments, training videos, monthly meetings, new product releases and marketing and sales reports. These are all great reasons to create video content.

Artist Real Estate Video

Bad video is easy, cheap and it’s everywhere. So why should you invest in quality video instead of mobile phone footage from amateurs? For several reasons. First, you want to see and hear the subject. There is no alternative. You also want the lighting to be enhanced. Seeing you in flattering and controlled lighting is key to delivering your message effectively. Finally, because you’re not a professional actor you know it’s hard to be on camera and you want to be in the hands of professionals who will coach you all the way.

Social Media Real Estate Video

A good social media presence is paramount to a companies image. At Mongoose Films we understand how important it is for your Social Media Videos to be entertaining, informative, and creative. We work hard at tailoring our services to meet your specific brands needs all the while making sure the video we create is ready to help with your B2B marketing strategy.

Ohio Video Production

Step 1: Pre-Production and Development

What happens after you call or email us?

The Introduction: 

First, we get together for coffee, tea, maybe a craft beer?  Your team, our team – we listen to you so we can learn what makes your story unique.

We begin to know your company and you, we listen to your values, goals and idea. We help find your voice and your message.

We ask you a lot of questions during our introduction. That way the video solution we recommend will meet your goals. Communication is the most important aspect of our relationship. Our number one priority is producing a video that visually shows your company’s personality, brand, and purpose.

Creative Strategy: The How, The Where, The When

After our discovery phase, we develop a written plan based on everything we learned from you. We produce multiple ideas, have ongoing conversations with you, and then refine and polish the work until a clear direction emerges.

Style Boards: The Peek Into The Production

Ready for a peek into what your end video will look like? At this stage, we create style boards to present the ideas and give you a close-up look and feel for the video production piece.

Storyboard, Story Reel, and Script: The Technical Run-Through

It’s time for a dress rehearsal! Our detailed storyboards, full script, and story reel will define the key moments of the story and establish the composition and motion of the video. Because you’ll have a full written narrative of the video production, you’ll see the story arc of the video. This is our opportunity to finalize the feel and make any tweaks or changes needed to make this video stellar.

Stage 2: Production

Now that we’ve established a firm connection and have created an outline of an incredible video that perfectly mirrors your company values and goals, it’s time to get down to work.

Coordination of Video Production:

Locations, talent, crew, equipment — these details are all organized and ironed out to prep for the big day of the first shoot!

Production Days:

Now the fun really begins as we orchestrate all the elements in front of and behind the camera. We capture the original footage, and begin the exciting days of shooting.

Visual Asset Production:

If your video needs animation instead of ‘live shooting’, this is where your 3D and 2D elements are designed, modeled, animated, composited, and rendered.

Audio Asset Production:

Everything audio is chosen. We either use original music, or find a stock option that suits your video. If needed, narration tracks are recorded.

Stage 3: Editing

Now that we have all the raw materials, we go to work looking through hours of film and animation production, carefully choosing every -second. We splice them together, adding each asset layer and then unveil your first full rough draft of the video production. You give us feedback and critiques, and we go to work again. (There are generally 3 rounds of this editing process.)

Color Correction:

Footage and rendered assets get polished, brightened, and colored to precisely match the tone of the video project.

Sound Mixing and Mastering:

Our audio techs mix and master all audio to be clear, and level. Basically, we make sure that the audio sounds as amazing as the film looks.

Digital Master:

The final high quality master of the final project…Our video production team finishes the mastering to a high resolution file and wraps up the project.

Stage 4: Distribution, Assessment, Measurement

Because our teams places such a high value on the value of our production, we don’t leave you in the lurch when it comes time to present. We believe that it’s not just about creating the content but also about delivering it in the right way. So, we help you release your video on whatever platforms you need it.


We provide encoded delivery through the web, on your mobile phone, tablet, DVD, Blu-ray — however you want it, we’ve got you covered. You are now officially ready to present your video to the world!

Or whoever it is you are producing for, anyway.

Leverage Distribution:

We can help you assess additional ways you can use the content developed for your video. Email marketing, social, and even print marketing are fantastic ways to spread the word about your new video production piece. The goal is to extend the reach of your story and get the maximum return on your video production investment.


Now that your video production launched and distributed, you need to know – did it work? Did we meet the goals outlined in the Discovery Phase? An often overlooked phase, this helps inform continued distribution on what worked best, refining future efforts.

Our creative team is excited to sit down with you and find a targeted way to produce a sophisticated, high-quality video for you and your business. We value your brand image and voice as much as you do, and we love working with clients who are willing to dig deep into their company culture and create a video that exemplifies their vision, values, and purpose.

That’s what we do. Ready to schedule our coffee date?